Thursday, September 25, 2008

Articles Instead of Fiction!

Today, I am struggling to make myself write a 1,000-word Fall Festival article. I really want to be immersed in Everett's world and find out what is happening on the mountain. Sigh. Little more than a year ago, I would have been thrilled to have this problem, and, in truth, I still am. It's wonderful to have so many writing assignments to do...or so I tell myself! The mountain will still be there... Okay, that was my break for this hour. Only 500 words and a few revisions to go!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Midsouth SCBWI Conference

After attending a wonderful conference this weekend, I am back in Evansville wishing I didn't have so many articles to write. I want to be working on my book!! The Midsouth Conference was the best one I have attended. How lucky to meet Bruce Coville. He was a great speaker. I had an excellent paid critique with author Candie Moonshower and also a great critique group while there. I think the seven of us may stay together and form an online group.