Friday, October 10, 2008

Westside Cover - Evansville Half Marathon

Today's (October 10) Westside Courier has two articles from me--the cover story and an inside article, both on running. I have ended up interviewing lots of runners for various articles, and that has been fun and educational for me (as a very novice runner).

The Evansville Half Marathon article was a fun one to do. It was one of the most time-consuming I have ever done because of the amount of people I had to interview. That meant hours of listening to recorded interviews. I also had to go take pictures a couple of different times, which also added up to several hours. I am pleased with how the article turned out, though, and glad the Westside used pictures of all the people I interviewed. Once I turn the pictures in, I have no control over which ones they use. I think the pics looked very nice on this one. I have already heard from one of my interviews (Mary Devine) to tell me how pleased everyone was. She said that Kathy Yearwood had a copy last night at practice last night and was passing it around.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Latest Westside Cover Story - Fall Festival

My cover story for October 3rd involved interviewing three different organizations to find out what all they do to get ready for, staff, and clean up after the Fall Festival. This article was pretty time-consuming with all the interviews, taking some of the pictures, and getting some pictures from the groups themselves. It went together well, though, if I do say so!