Friday, August 13, 2010

Cure for Clare

The summer has flown by with an early summer trip to Disney World, lots of football practice, and much summer laziness! Things definitely heated up in August, however, and not just the temperature, although that's been ridiculous here in southern Indiana.

My son went back to school this Wednesday and officially entered high school! I return to USI in a couple of weeks, but not before a vacation with my husband and friends to Cabo San Lucas. That should be pretty amazing, as I have never been to Mexico.

I have suddenly become busy with articles, with an interview to do this coming week, and an article in today's Westside. It was the article in last Friday's Westside that is the most noteworthy, however. I have written many fun articles, and even a couple that covered important charities, but the August 6th article was likely the most important I have ever written. Clare Scheller went to grade school and Mater Dei with my niece Jenn and planned to attend IU this fall. Unfortunately she was diagnosed with leukemia (ALL) this summer and has undergone some terrible medical trauma as a result. My article was about Clare, her amazing family, and the incredible support and fundraising from the west side. I have received lovely feedback from it and was really thrilled to write it and be able to help out. Good luck with everything, Clare!!

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